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Client Experience - Pilates while pregnant at 40

For over a year, I’ve enjoyed writing weekly content for the ProHealth blog. But that’s not where my connection to ProHealth ends. I’m a regular client, enjoying group equipment classes as part of my regular Pilates practice. I’m thrilled to share my personal experience as a client of ProHealth Pilates.

Walking through the doors of ProHealth is refreshing before your class even begins. The beautifully designed studio is open, spacious and modern. The outdoors are invited in with sunlight and gr

Thought Leadership - Marcos Rojas on Creating in the Era of Covid

Marcos Rojas is the founder and CEO of DishQuo, a meal planning app backed by insulin science. Marcos comes from a real estate career, but has always had a passion for health and fitness for over 15 years. Through his own personal fitness journey, Marcos uncovered a way to increase health, performance and weight loss by utilizing insulin science.

Here he shares his shift from real estate to DishQuo during the global Covid-19 pandemic. His personal journey of uncovering the power of insulin was