How to Start Exercising in 15 Minutes a Day

People often think that to start exercising, they need to devote a lot of time. But that’s not necessarily true! Get started with just 15 minutes a day. In this article, we’ll discuss the easiest way to start exercising 15 minutes a day, the benefits, and tips for success in daily exercise.

What is the biggest challenge to daily exercise?

Lack of time is the number one reason I hear why people don’t exercise. It’s true, our busy schedules leave little margin for exercise. That’s why 15-minute

Absolute Beginner Pilates Video -10 Min

Looking to add Pilates to your workout routine? Check out this absolute beginner Pilates full body workout! This 10 minute core strengthening workout is perfect for those starting out. You’ll build strength and flexibility while having fun. In this post we’ll cover 10 benefits of Pilates and how to get started in Pilates. We’ve got a full body Pilates workout you can start today.

As a dancer, I struggled with back pain from mild scoliosis for years. Practicing Pilates several times a week bec

How Pilates Improves Swimming - 4 Ways

Swimming is a great exercise that improves your health and fitness. But did you know that Pilates can also help improve your swimming? As the weather warms us and many of us take a dip in the pool, consider Pilates a great addition to your swimming regime. Keep reading to find out how Pilates is perfect for cross training with swimming.

Here are four ways Pilates can make you a better swimmer.

1. Pilates improve your swimming by increasing your strength and power

Pilates improves core strengt

The Complete Guide to Pilates Principles

Pilates is an amazing way to strengthen and tone your body without excessive stress on your joints. If you’re looking to maximize your time in Pilates class, it’s best to understand the 6 principles of Pilates. In this complete guide to Pilates principles, we’ll go over everything you need to know to deepen your Pilates practice. Lastly, we’ll highlight the most important principle in Pilates.

What are the 6 principles of Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes controlled moveme

What is mobility and why is it so important?

Mobility is often overlooked when thinking about physical health, yet it impacts nearly every part of our daily lives. What exactly is mobility? Is it the same as flexibility? In this blog post we’ll discuss the difference and why it is important. Lastly, we’ll discuss how Pilates can help improve your mobility as well.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes mobility as “the quality or state of being mobile or movable.” Mobility is your foundational, physical ability to move throughout your d