Loving Your Body as a Christian Woman

6 Best Keys to Loving your Body as a Christian Woman

Is loving your body as a Christian woman important? Yes! For many years I struggled with an eating disorder. After giving my life to Christ, God took me on a journey of healing. Over the next few years, His love healed my mind and spirit. My inner healing transformed me on the outside. Today, I enjoy a healthy, balanced life and embrace the body He gave me. Jesus came and died for us that we would have victory in all areas of our life. So, if

Client Experience - Pilates while pregnant at 40

For over a year, I’ve enjoyed writing weekly content for the ProHealth blog. But that’s not where my connection to ProHealth ends. I’m a regular client, enjoying group equipment classes as part of my regular Pilates practice. I’m thrilled to share my personal experience as a client of ProHealth Pilates.

Walking through the doors of ProHealth is refreshing before your class even begins. The beautifully designed studio is open, spacious and modern. The outdoors are invited in with sunlight and gr